Frodsham Panto Group Presents


The Frodsham Panto Group are now pleased to invite you to audition for our next Panto, Little Red Riding Hood!
The detailed audition schedule is yet to be published but the Character Synopsis is outlined on the right.

The main dates areas follows...

Wednesday 8th June:
Meet the production team @ 7:30pm

Friday 10th June: Adult/Principal auditions, registration from 6:30pm

Sunday 12th June:  Junior Auditions & Ensemble, registration from 9:00am - 1.00pm 

If you are interested in auditioning, please email us here.

To apply for audition please complete this application form.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


All Auditions take place at
Frodsham Community Centre

Little Red Riding Hood

Character Synopsis

Little Red Riding Hood (principal girl) Female, 14+ Singer & dancer
Strong willed girl who ends up with Billy (the woodcutters son)

Dame Hood – Dame Male, Adult, sing & move
Usual storybook fun and loud character who regular has audience banter, Reds mother

Jack & Jill Male & Female or 2 females, 12+
Fulfil the nursery rhyme stereo-type, Jack has his head wrapped in brown paper regularly and is a bit aloof, Jill is the brains…

Big Bad Wolf Male, 16+ / Adult, singer
Panto's baddy, great stage presence and larger than life character

Fairy Female, 14+
Speaks in rhyme throughout, can be played traditionally or quirky…

Three Pigs - Laurence, Llewellyn & Bowen (played as males) Male or female, 14+ / Adult, sing & dance
Work for the wolf and are the comedy trio of the Panto, Lawrence being the most sensible and Bowen the most stupid

Billy - Principal Boy Male or Female 14+, singer & dancer
Woodcutters son who falls in love with Little Red Riding Hood

Woodcutter Male, Adult, Billy’s Dad
Smaller part, Dames love interest

Granny - smaller part Female, adult, singer
Certainly not a “Granny”, very fit and active and can look after herself

For the Principals at Audition

You will have to: Read an “audition piece” for the character you would like to be considered for…see below.
PLEASE NOTE…you may have to repeat this process if you are auditioning for a number of parts.

Dame Robyn Hood
Red Riding Hood
Lawrence, Llewelyn & Bowen
Wolf & Fairy
Jack & Jill

You will have to sing a musical item of your choice.

PLEASE will have to bring your own backing track but it MUST be in one of the following formats. MP3, WMA, WAV, CD on a USB stick, SD card or a Compact Disc or you can bring along your iPhone, Pod, Pad as there will be a connector available.

If you do not have a prepared song then you can sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' or 'Consider Yourself ' . Follow these links for the lyrics and the links below for the music.

You will be shown a dance routine, by the choreographer, for you to perform.

This will include general instructions about the auditions, as well as:

  1. The spoken audition pieces for the Principals;
  2. The “ sound bites “ for the two optional songs that you may use if you haven’t brought your own;
  3. The lyrics for the two optional songs as above.

The backing track, for the musical item you wish to perform, will be played for you at the audition.

The optional musical numbers you may choose are:-
'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' or 'Consider Yourself'

For the Ensemble Audition

We are looking forward to hearing children audition and you are welcome to audition with your own choice of music.

When choosing your audition piece, a film or musical song will show your voice to greater effect rather than a pop song, although you ultimately want to perform a piece which you enjoy and are confident to perform. There is no need to use any accents or copy styles, we prefer to hear how you would sing yourself.

We are looking for audition pieces to be approximately 2 minutes long so do end your piece at an appropriate place rather than singing the entire piece. It may well be that we stop you before you before the end of your piece if you run over two minutes. Please do not worry about this, it is just to allow us to hear lots of children in the time available and it is not that we are not enjoying your performance. Remember to control your breathing and smile to help you relax.

You will have to:

  1. Perform a chorus piece of your own choice.
  2. PLEASE NOTE--you will need to bring a recording of the music you need since no pianist will be available.

    You can, of course, sing a cappella if you wish.

    If you do bring a backing track then it MUST be in one of the following formats. MP3, WMA, WAV, CD on a USB stick, SD card or a Compact Disc or you can bring along your iPhone, Pod, Pad as there will be a connector available..

    If you would like to carry out your “song” with a friend, then that is certainly possible. JUST ASK.

  3. If you are unsure what piece to sing then ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or ‘Consider Yourself’ from ‘Oliver’, may be suitable for you. PLEASE NOTE--The backing track for either of these numbers will be played for you at the audition.The lyrics are downloadable here and here.
  4. You will be expected to perform a simple dance routine which our choreographer will show you. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do this on your own, since we normally ask two or three of you to do it at the same time. If you would like to carry out your “dance” with a friend, then that is certainly possible.

You must wear correct 'dance clothing and dance shoes'.

Our Choreographer will teach all auditionees a dance to be used in the auditions therefore there is no reason for you to prepare your own dance.

Don’t worry if you would like to carry out your 'dance' with a friend. That is certainly possible.