Frodsham Panto Group Presents


Our normal June auditions have had to be postponed as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

Auditions are going to be arranged for early September
………pandemic permitting.
More details to follow nearer the time.


All Auditions take place at
Frodsham Community Centre

Charlotte and the Chocolate Factory


Slugworth - Narrator and Villain; Adult Male or Female.
    Once worked for Wonder and gave away all his secrets. Wants to get hold of more. Wonder - Owner of the chocolate factory; Adult Male or Female
    Flamboyant dresser (top hat et al) obviously wants to be Black Eyed Peas,     but is uncool.
Charlotte Waterbutt - The daughter of a very poor family; Junior Female;
    Desperately wants to see inside the Chocolate factory.
Grandma Josephine - The dame; Adult Male;
    Charlotte’s grandmother who accompanies her to the factory.
Julius Scoop - First Ticket Winner; Junior Male; Greedy boy
Kalida Scoop - Julius’s Mum; Spoils her son
Lavender Budgerigar - Finds 2nd Golden Ticket; Junior Female;
    Ultra competitive, to the point of being rude
Mrs. Budgerigar - Lavenders Mother; Adult Female;
    Also competitive now being outshone by her daughter
Paris Pepper - Finds 3rd ticket; Junior Female; Spoilt Paris Hilton type girl
Mr. Pepper - Paris’ Father; Adult male; Rich, does anything to please his daughter
Xavier Box - 4th ticket holder; Junior Male;
    Brainy boy obsessed with computer games
Brian Box - Xavier’s father; Adult Male; Geeky type, not quite as clever as his son
Mr. When - Horticulture, Professor Watt - Development
Mr. Now - Quality Controller, Dr. How - Chief of Technology
    - When, Watt, Now & How; Adult Male/Female;
    All Dr Who types played by the same person

Wanda - Wonder's personal assistant; Adult Female (possibly older Junior)
    Almost as eccentric as her employer

Jeremy - Head of IT and H&S officer; Adult Male
(possibly older Junior)
    Continually trying to get employees to apply H&S
    He is secretly in love with Wanda

Notes -

1)  There will be a number of other smaller parts which will be distributed
following the auditions. 

Mr Waterbutt Adult male

Mrs Waterbutt Adult female

Uncle Joe Waterbutt Adult male

Aunty Georgina Waterbutt Adult female

Dan Runner Adult male

Louise Munchkin Adult female

Christmas Jumpers Mixed male/female

Paperboy Junior male/female

Squirrels Mixed male/female

White Rabbit Male/Female Adult/Junior

Cheshire Cat Male/Female Adult/Junior

The Queen of Hearts Adult Female

2)  All adult parts are age 18 or over. 
3)  If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a Principal Role, you will automatically
be considered for the ancillary parts listed above or either a Chorus role or a Dancer role but you will not be expected to return for a further audition. Of course, you can decline any offer that may be made to you

For the Principals at audition

You will have to :
  1. Read an “audition piece” for the character you would like to be considered for (see links below) Please note you may have to repeat this process if you are auditioning for a number of parts.
  2. You will have to sing a musical item of your choice. Please note you will have to to bring your own backing track in one of the following formats - MP3, WMA, WAV, CD on a USB memory stick, SD card or Compact Disc or you can bring along your own iPhone, iPad or iPod - we have a connector here.
  3. If you do not have a prepared song then you can sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" or "Consider Yourself". Accompaniments and Lyrics are downloadable see below.
  4. You will be shown a dance routine by the choreographer for you to perform.
Audition pieces
Paris Pepper-Mr Pepper-Xavier Box-Brian Box-Part 1
Paris Pepper-Mr Pepper-Xavier Box-Brian Box-Part 2
Charlotte Waterbutt-Grandma Josephine-Part 1
Charlotte Waterbutt-Grandma Josephine-Part 2
Julius Scoop-Kalida Scoop-Lavender Budgerigar-Mrs Budgerigar-Part 1
Julius Scoop-Kalida Scoop-Lavender Budgerigar-Mrs Budgerigar-Part 2
When-Watt-Now-How-Part 1
When-Watt-Now-How-Part 2
Will.i.Am Wonder-Part 1
Will.i.Am Wonder-Part 2

Musical Accompaniment and Lyrics
for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"  Accompaniment  Lyrics
for "Consider Yourself" Accompaniment  Lyrics

For all non Principals at audition

For your singing audition:
You will have to perform a chorus piece of your own choice. PLEASE NOTE - you will need to bring a recording of the music you need since no pianist will be available. You can, of course, sing a cappella if you wish.
If you do bring a  backing track then it MUST be in one of the following formats. MP3, WMA, WAV, CD on a USB stick, SD card or a Compact Disc or you  can bring along your iPhone, iPod, or iPad as there will be a connector available.
If you would like to carry out your “song” with a friend, then that is certainly possible. JUST ASK. If you are unsure what piece to sing then 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' from the 'Wizard of Oz' or 'Consider yourself' from 'Oliver' may be suitable for you.

The backing track for either of these numbers will be played for you at the audition. You will also have to show that you can perform some simple movements which will be illustrated to you by the choreographer.

For your dancing audition: 
Our choreographer will teach all auditionees a dance to be used in the auditions therefore there is no reason for you to prepare your own dance.
Don’t worry if you would like to carry out your dance with a friend. That is certainly possible. AGAIN - JUST ASK.

You will then be asked to sing either 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' from 'The Wizard of Oz or 'Consider Yourself'' from 'Oliver' .

A downloadable Audition Information Pack is available here.

“ For further information please ring  07523 366610. “