Frodsham Panto Group Presents

All Auditions, Rehearsals, and Performances regrettably have had to be cancelled.
Please see the explanation message from the Panto Chairman attached.


Frodsham Panto Group - A Message from your Chairman


As a result of the coronavirus, sadly we have  had to cancel our normal June auditions.
We were hoping to carry out the auditions in early September if Government Guidelines allowed.

Due to the extenuating circumstances created by COVID-19, the Panto committee and I have constantly reviewed public health advice on how we may be able to operate in a covid safe environment at the Centre.

We have considered the risk assessment that we would need to implement, should we consider holding the performance. Sadly we have recognised that there is a significant challenge to maintaining social distancing within the relevant guidelines, specifically…..

 Ø  Making use of multiple exit and entry points: A one way flow in and out of the premises, with appropriate floor markings or signage may be possible for audiences. However, the stage crew and cast this would not be possible. The GP room for example is a small space for those who utilise the room during the actual show. We would need a higher ratio of chaperone to juniors to help to maintain distancing. This is just not practical. Also, should anyone of the group have to self-isolate, the safe ratio would be dramatically reduced.

Ø  Managing the arrival and departure times of different group so as to reduce the pressure at exits and entrances. -  This would also be hindered by the collection of minors after the performance.

Ø  Demographics of audiences. This is usually very mixed and will include over 70’s. As the scientists predict that winter will show a heightened risk, it is difficult to see how certain groups would be confident to attend.

The combined risk factors, including a number of the committee volunteers who have had to shield or work as key workers, are at risk. Without the show revenue, the overhead costs PLUS possible need to cancel whole audiences  leave the panto vulnerable for future shows. We have therefore regretfully taken the decision to cancel both the auditions, rehearsals and subsequently the January show, as even if things improve, we are unable to predict with reasonable assurance, that  we can indeed have the commitment to be able to hold the show.